One Material Endless Possibilities

An Innovation that promises to change the spaces around us

RelWood™ is made using the complex PTF technology which for the first time builds a homogenous bonding between the natural fibre and the polymer. This creates a material with the natural look and feel of wood and at the same time is resistant to water, sun, wind and cold that does not splinter- even after many years.

Its unique surface treatment gives it the natural warm feeling of wood on which any kind of surface finishing is possible. It can be used in a variety of applications from outdoor decking and cladding to indoor flooring and paneling to even furniture.

We are a part of Reliance Petrochemicals family. In our constant endeavor to develop products that provide world-class experiences to our customers across a range of applications, we have developed RelWood™ a product never been seen in India. Our vision is for a greener, healthier India. This 100% wood free, VOC emission free, truly sustainable material made with patented technology, is a small step towards fulfilling this vision.

RelWoodTM as compared to other commercially available woods
Property/ Specification Standard RelWood Imported Hard Wood Teak Other Wood Ply/ HDF/ MDF
Sustainable     Yes No No No No
Recyclable     Yes No No No No
Fire Retardancy ASTM E84 Class A Class B Class B Class C Class C
Water Absorption Based on EN 317 <1% (24h) –RES 10-15% 10-15% >20% >20%
Termite Resistance ASTM D3345-08 High Med Med Low Low
VOC Emission ISO 16000-3/6/9 Test Passed Test Passed Test Passed Test Passed Did not pass
Thermoforming     Possible Not Possible Not Possible Not Possible Not Possible